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As NSW’s back in lockdown, this has forced many restaurant businesses to make drastic changes in the way they operate, small businesses often see the most impact, especially in keeping their business to survive.

Restaurants and cafés were forced to close their doors for dine-in customers. Having so leads to a great loss of sales and also contributes to a drop-off in economic status.

Given the circumstances, if you are a restaurant business owner who wants to survive this time of crisis, you might explore some of the strategies that could lead your business to succeed.

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With mandatory stay-at-home, social distancing, restricted social gathering, and all the other restrictions, restaurant businesses are experiencing major impact and are bound to cope with the situation. With the limited number of people going out, and their little possibility to come into your area, your business market could not go further if you continue to operate with only traditional street-side business physical stores.

Is your business struggling to return to business as usual?

Being unable to showcase what your restaurant can offer can be very frustrating. This lockdown could test your business limits and capabilities, that’s why you must be able to adapt to the new changes this situation brings to you and your business.

Frustrated about what’s the next step to make in order to balance things out in your business?

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Check out the factors that largely affect your restaurant’s performance:

1. On-premise and Off-premise sales

On-premise refers to sales/orders that have been consumed on-site or in the restaurant, dine-in. Also referred to as purchased at the restaurant and consumed outside the restaurant premises or can be taken home. Restaurants with high demand for off-premise sales prior to the crisis tend to perform better than those that depend more on dine-in sales. Knowing the restrictions of today’s lockdown, it is highly favorable to extend your business online and cater to off-premise restaurant trends. Offer new takeaway options to fill in your customer demands.

2. Reliance on restaurant daytime-operation

With many people working from home, restaurants that get the majority of their sales from daytime eating occasions are much affected, knowing people no longer order breakfast or coffee like they usually do on the way to work.

3. Digital maturity. 

A strong online-ordering presence and restaurant online booking systems have added to the lifelines for the restaurant business during this crisis. Nowadays, people are more attached to their gadgets. As levels of digital engagement among consumers have soared, if they feel hungry, they can tap their phone and search for a restaurant near Sydney, NSW and see what your restaurant is offering, order what they were craving in just a second. You must be ready to receive more orders coming through, get them delivered in available options, and enjoy a continuous increase in your ROI.

With the increasing demand for technology nowadays, it’s important that your business keeps on-trend.

Let us help refine your restaurant model to the new normal to bring sales back on track.

While some restaurants closed permanently because of the pandemic, never lose hope of raising up your business.  As they were forced to close down their doors for dine-in customers, the only option left to do is to allow take-out orders.

These are just some challenges affecting the industry. To survive this challenging time in your business, you must keep your mind wide open and embrace new strategies to keep going.

You can take advantage of your company’s online marketing to expand your restaurant to reach more people. You don’t only get to reach potential customers, but you also gain business popularity by allowing others to discover your restaurant and know the foods your restaurant offers.

Get yourself ready to receive more sales and increase your ROI. 

With the help of Sydney digital marketing, you can attract leads and generate customers for your business faster.

We’ll be happy to assist you in your journey to having an effective service website for your Restaurants & Cafés.

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